Monday, June 19, 2017

Blog Bat Around: Origin of Your Player Collections

I have a little extra energy tonight, so I figured I'd write out something quickly on here. 

Eamus Catuli! and its owner, P-Town Tom, put out a question to the Blogosphere. That question is:
What is the reason you collect the players you collect?

Well, for baseball it's fairly straightforward. 
I collect Canadian born players aside from Jays and Expos. 

Now, in there I have to mention that there are a couple Canadian-identifying players (Parents were Canadian, born in US) that I've been collecting/thinking about collecting. 

I started collecting Reimer before Freeman, obviously. I read about Reimer in a book about Canadian Baseball in the 1990s. 

Freeman is a more recent decision. It was made easier with him playing on Team Canada for the WBC this spring. 

Fergie is a rather obvious choice, I think. The only Canadian-born Hall of Fame member. His rookie card isn't overly insane to buy either. Well, the ones asking $50+ might be too rich for my blood, but I could get one for $12.75. Not bad for a card from 1966.

Morneau is another fairly obvious one, I think. As is Walker below. 
Kirk McCaskill is a Canadian by birth only, really. He was born in Kapuskasing, but identifies as an American. 

So these are some of the baseball player collections I have. There are more, but I'm not going to cover all of them.. Basically, it's Canadian born players I collect. 

Hockey is slightly different.. There were two players from my hometown of Terrace Bay, Ontario to have cards made. 

Charlie Simmer and Aaron MacKenzie are both from Terrace Bay. 

So that's why I collect who I collect.. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A COMC Arrival

A nice little surprise awaited me when I got home today. That surprise doesn't include me forgetting my phone in my bus at work and not realizing till I was home. 
No, this one was better.. I got a package in from COMC today. 

I have to say, I've gone on a bit of a binge there the last couple months. I think sites like that and Just Commons make it easy for us to grab a bunch of small things without realizing how quickly those numbers add up.. 

Anyway, enough chatter.. Let's look at the cards, right?

First is this oddity.. 

It's from 1977. Fleer made logo stickers like this for the league that year. There were, according to the TCDB, three variations for most: White background, Sepia Background, and Blue Background. 

You can tell it's from the 70s. It screams it from the rooftops, really.. 

Gary Carter rookie! I was able to find it relatively cheap, so why not? By relatively cheap, I paid $6.58 for it. I see some copies on there going for $25, so... I'm happy. 

Some OPC 77s. I had the Topps Jenkins, so now I have the OPC version too. 
I accidentally got two Alvis Woods and Bill Singer cards, so those duplicates will be packaged off for a trading partner. Same with the second Sportflix card I picked up on accident. I think I bought two because of it being Gary Carter (thought he was an Expo on it)/Al Oliver (Jay)/George Foster.
And lookie here... Tony Perez Nabisco.. I completed that set that I've wanted to since it came out in 1992.
Also, I can't not mention the Alan Ashby Hostess card. Another 1977 gem.. And it's a Topps photo because of the horrid airbrush.. 

With these cards, I'm down to needing a George Bell to complete the set. I believe I have the set proper complete now, it's the completionist completion I need the Bell for.. (Set and team) 
For that reason, I got two of the Dave Collins card.

Some cards to go into the Canadians binder here. 
The Nigel Wilson Fleer card... I didn't realize they have him labelled as a Marlin, so I got two. One for the Jays and one for the Canadians. I'm still thinking about keeping the second for the Jays collection because that's the uniform he's wearing. Alternatively, it's trying to find someone who'd want it.. Unless I sent it to Ajax to see if I could get him to sign it.. lol 
Rheal Cormier. I got two because he's an Expo here. I had to go back to the invoice to see what one I picked up. I didn't notice there were three variations to these: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. 
I decided to see if I could find some cheap autographed cards on COMC and I found some.. lol 
I got two Paul Spoljaric because again, Jays and Canadian. 

A Whole Lotta Shakin' Going on here. These Moseby cards are all from the Jays Fire Safety sets that they started in 1984. 
A Kirk McCaskill Triple Play card that, honestly, I think looks amazing.. I really liked the 1993 Triple Play cards, even though I didn't see many of them. 
The last card on the ones above and the first one on this group are both Japanese issues. 
Old Judge Rich Butler autographs. Rich and his brother Rob are Canadian and started in the Jays system. Rich ended up with the Rays 

The final part of this purchase..
I needed the Leyritz to complete the 1990 Fleer Update set. 
Brad Fullmer and Cliff Floyd were nice cheap picks. I have the non-autographed Floyd already, but here's the autographed version now too.. 
Kevin Witt. Not much to say about that one.
Two Then and Now cards from 2012 Heritage. Would have maybe liked some variety in the Bautista photo. I thought I got two of the same one by accident.. 

So for the next two and a half weeks, things are going to be fairly busy. School winding down means lots of trips and lots of work for me. I may even get a blog entry on Adventures in Bus Driving to clear it out at the end of it all.. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Adventures in Bus Driving: Treetop Trekking

So this week started out with charters. I have charters all week, and will likely have for the next three until school ends. 

Yesterday I went someplace I've never been before. I brought a group to a place called Treetop Trekking Ganaraska.

It's a Zipline park in a protected forest. 

This is the building they went to. There's other buildings around as well, such as a canteen (that wasn't open) and an education/information centre.

There's the information centre I mentioned.

A bunch of different things that they have posted up there. 

It may not be a Toronto one, but it's a Blue Jay! Got a few pictures of that little guy. 

Now just to tie this in with baseball cards.. When I made that big purchase of 1984 OPC, I also bought these three 1978s.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Marc Has Puhl Here

Not long ago, Marc posted on his blog Remember The Astrodome  that he remembered reading a Canadian or ex-pat Canadian collected Terry Puhl. 
Being an Astros collector, he had a bunch that he set aside but couldn't remember who it was that collected. 

A commenter showed my player collection post for Puhl which reminded him that it was me. One e-mail later to give my address, a bunch of Terry Puhl cards were on their way.

I scanned the ones I needed from the pile he sent. Much 80s love here. 

Now that middle card.... That was a surprise for sure. 
In hand, the auto is hard to read due to the colour of the ink, but it's definitely appreciated. 

Thank you Marc! I just hope that at some point, I can help you out with your collection. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Big Purchase And a Shout out

There was a time where, once the season passed and cards were no longer available, I could not add to a set. Then the internet came along. 

I was able to add to some of the sets through trades, but it still left me with holes in them..

Then came COMC.....

Today is a story of a single minded pursuit and spending more money than intended. 

I've always liked the 1984 Topps design. When I was younger, I got a bunch of 1984 OPC from a cousin of mine. Many times over the course of owning these cards I've been on the fence of actually trying to complete the set.. 

Well, recently I decided it was going to be a set I was going to finish and I put a big dent in it through COMC. I also ended up spending close to $150 CDN in doing so.. (oops)

In a lot of cases, I also picked up a second one for the respective collections. So there may be two of a card scanned.. These were bought by design. 

A Don Mattingly rookie! 
I think that one was, by far, the most expensive card of the group I bought. Of course, I don't think $9.99 is too bad a price for an OPC Mattingly rookie. 

I was going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to get the Cromartie card. He is shown as an Expo but it has the caption "Now Playing in Japan"
I decided to get it because really, for all intents and purposes, it's an Expos card

Rod Carew. Andre Dawson. Goose Gossage. Paul Molitor. Tom Paciorek. One of these things is not like the others. 

I was almost tempted to see if the Blog's resident Strawberry fanatic, Peter Steinberg, needed this 1984 OPC, but I checked and he has it. 
Pete Rose, while pictured as a Phillie, is listed as an Expo here, so I got two..

So that's the last of the giant group of cards. 

With this purchase, I am 98.2% completed this set. 
As before, my want list for this set is Right Here

Also, Julie over at A Cracked Bat is running a contest. Go check it out!  

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Joy of Sets: 1988 Leaf

Way back when, Donruss had a separate set for Canada (as well as the US base) like Topps did. 
So while we had Topps and Donruss, we also had O Pee Chee and Leaf. In both cases, they tended to be smaller sets using the same design as the US set, but with more Canadian content and bilingual backs.

I hadn't seen many of the Leaf cards from that time frame. When I bought a bunch of boxes off a friend on Facebook, I received a bunch of them. 

I decided I wanted to try to complete the 1988 set, since I already have the Donruss version completed. 

What I'm showing here are cards I recently received from T at Supporting the Minnow. 

I must say I love those uniforms for the Mets that Howard Johnson is modeling. 

I'm not sure if there's image variations in the Leaf/Donruss cards like there were in some years of OPC and Topps. I'd love to check but the TCDB seems to be down and I'm too tired to manually look through my cards..

My Want List for this set is Right Here

(I'm slowly getting it updated on here as well.. I find this is the best way to do it.. )

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Joy of Sets: 1990 Donruss

Unlike the last two posts, I combined the cards I received from Night Owl and T, along with cards from other trades when putting them into the set.

I scanned the cards I didn't have added yesterday when I did this. 

Diamond Kings and Rated Rookies all over the place here. 

Jays and Expos mainly went into the respective binder collections, but there were a few I needed for the set as well. 
Also, Jeff Reardon as a Twin

1990.. Lots of head shots in the cards as well. 

Walker does not look pleased in that photo. 

The Stewart cards are different.. One is the Error version with the "Recent Major League Performance" on the back, while the other one has the "All Star Performance" on the back

MVP inserts. 
The Bell one looks like his hat was photoshopped into the picture. 

As always, thanks to those who sent me cards to get this set closer to finished!

The remaining cards needed are listed Here