Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gotta Start Somewhere

In the giant boxes of cards I received, I've unearthed a few interesting things so far.. 

Today I want to show the minor league cards I found.. 

There are a few names in this batch that may be recognisable. Todd Van Poppel, Chris Hoiles, Juan Guzman, Mickey Morandini, Geronimo Berroa, and Aaron Sele. 

Jim Leyritz, Kent Mercker, Chris Hammond, Kevin Maas, Andy McGaffigan, and Geronimo Pena all show up here. 
Mel Stottlemyre didn't have the career or his father or even his brother. 
McGaffigan was in the final year of his career when he appeared in this set. 

Paul Sorrento is the big name here. 

Honestly, aside from the Jays cards, I'm probably not going to keep any of these. If anyone sees a guy they collect, let me know. 


  1. Poor Kevin Maas. Came in like a lion out like a lamb.

    1. Indeed.. Part of the reason I laughed when everyone was saying Gary Sanchez will be a mega superstar with his start last season.

  2. The minor league cards -- the guys look so young and amateur. Luis "Funky Cold" Medina!!!