Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Writing About Cards on a Cold Day

If you follow me on Twitter, or read this blog, you know I've been having a rough go of things lately.
It's been to the point where I have done nothing aside from watch a little tv when I'm not at work or asleep. Today I wanted to write something out, but I have no idea what to write about.. 

I'm sitting here looking at my stack of 1994 cards to sort through and realizing that I'm hitting the part where I lost access to product to collect, certain things lost interest, and a flood of product started hitting the market that really hasn't stopped since. Really, the only difference is the number of sources. 

In a way, I'm finding that there are products even from that time frame that I don't like.. 

Cards with computer graphics behind the player instead of field. 
For whatever reason, I want my sports cards to picture my sports figure on a sports field. 
Since then, we still have photos of players in space, on fire, riding a unicorn, whatever else aside from playing on a field. 

That said, I did find a fair bit to like about cards from 1994.. 

There were a number of sets that had either near full photos, or full photos.. I like the way the borderless Pinnacle and Donruss look here. 

Cards without borders have been around for a while now, but I still prefer the older versions of it like these over the current ones. I think it has to do with the photography itself, not to mention the lack of a multitude of parallels. 

The other thing I like but also am upset about is this:

O Pee Chee's final set. I really like this set, but I have four cards from it. Also, two Pre-Production samples. I looked on whatever JustCommons has changed their name to and they have the inserts but no base cards.. I see COMC has a bunch of them, but 40 cents up to $6.50 for a card may be a little rich for my blood.. 

1994 did have some nice cards.. Really only two sets that I've seen that I didn't like

I apologize for my rambling. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

A Couple Trades

Well, I have a couple trades to cover today..

The first was from TCDB member jrayes7of9 

Some Heritage Jays were sent my way. John Axford also shows up, being Canadian, he fits right in. 

The second trade was Trevor from Supporting The Minnow

I made a mistake in my requests on this one.. The first card is number 19 in the Donruss McDonald's Jays set.. I wanted the variation of card 18 which he had as well.. 
The 1980 Bill Atkinson is the OPC version.. I have a couple of the Topps version already but needed this one.. He's listed as a member of the White Sox. 
1994 OPC here as well.. I have to say I really like the look of that set.. I might have to try to seek more out.. 
The Homefield Advantage cards Upper Deck put out in 1994 are ones I really like.. I can't really explain it, but I've always been a fan of cards showing stadiums.. I think it's for the fact that Baseball stadiums are so different from each other. 
A Jason Bay OPC as well fits into my collection as well.. 

Finally, a Chipper Jones Topps card for the set.. 

Thanks for the trades! 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

1992 Upper Deck

In the never-ending reorganization, I've come across a few things that I found interesting.. 

I wouldn't be surprised if I did a post on this before, honestly.. 

But.. I just want to say that I really like the photography on the 1992 Upper Deck release. The border and that are very similar to 1991, making it tough to tell what's what without looking at the number in the corner of the logo. 

Some of the things I enjoy about the Upper Deck release I'll cover here today

Minor League uniforms showing on some Prospect cards.. 
Now... I play a game called Out of the Park Baseball. It's a game where you control a baseball team/organization and try to win the World Series. One thing I used to do was update the minors every year to match what it was that year... The last couple releases have the minors already set up. However, uniforms for historical minor league seasons are not included.. So I created them.. (I did so years ago)
This allows me to see what the uniforms looked like based on affiliation, etc. 

By the way... The team here is the Asheville Tourists when they were an Astros affiliate.

Jeromy Burnitz shown here likely in a Williamsport Bills uniform, when they were a Mets affiliate. 

Frederick Keys. I honestly never knew they used this uniform. The star underneath the "Keys" reminds me of the Huntsville Stars logo from the 1980s. 

There are a couple in the set like this, where the logos/uniforms are generic or have been altered. I won't show them all, but I wanted to show Joey Hamilton.

The 1980s and early 1990s were a different time in the Minors. 
There were some teams that had names like the Stars, Keys, Mud Hens, Red Wings, etc. At the same time, many minor league teams that were affiliated used the parent team's name.. 
The Pirates were one of those teams.. Jon Farrell (not the pitcher) played for the Welland Pirates. 
Welland was part of the Canadian explosion in the minors in the 80s, joining the NY-Penn League in 1989. 
Other teams from the area were based in Hamilton, St. Catherine's, and London. Around the same time, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria had teams in the west. 

I can't really not show a Jay, can I??
I want to say this was taken in Anaheim Stadium. I may be wrong though..

This one is interesting to me because the helmet is blank, but the uniform shows his minor league team. 
The back of the card shows the team logo as the Visalia Oaks. The shot isn't too clear here, but the wordmark on the uniform is interesting... 

That's what the uniform looks like. I know they had a cursive logo at one point.. 

Another thing that caught my eye are the "personality" photos.
Barry Bonds with a Fedora on.. 

Cecil Fielder lounging with the Chicken.. 

The last two I've shown above aren't really personality photos so much as triple exposure photos that really caught my eye.. 

I honestly forgot Kirk Gibson was a Royal.. I only ever really remember him as a Tiger and Dodger.
If I'm not mistaken, he also spent time with the Pirates.. 

For some reason, I think this was taken at the All Star Game in Toronto. The road uniforms/warmup uniforms here, coupled with the turf and blue barrier shows me it's at the All Star Weekend. 

The back of the card adds to that assumption. This looks to be during the Introductions. Bell spent many years in Toronto, so he would have gotten some reaction from the Toronto fans. 

Oh look! Charles Nagy Batting! 

Fielding photos.. Got to love them.. Upper Deck had a good track record with these types of photos. 
The Wallach one was the inspiration for an art project I did in high school. 
I was in OAC (Grade 13.. Doesn't exist anymore) and we had to do six major projects. 
I made a clay sculpture of the Wallach card. 

Throwback uniforms!
I love cards that show throwback uniforms. However, like cards of stadiums, this is a tough one to really collect. 

I love the photo here.. That is all.. 

What cards from the 1992 Upper Deck set were your favourites? 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Trade Comes Through

I've been battling myself physically and mentally lately, so today is a small victory when I only wanted to say "Nope! Hibernation!" once today..

Part of the mental is pressure I put on myself to be a good trader.. Getting cards together and sent out in a timely fashion. Preferably as soon as the trade is agreed upon. Sometimes, though, I don't get them out for a week or so after the trade was agreed upon and sometimes I receive the package before I sent out... 

This was one of those cases.. And in fact I have another case where it's happened.. I do let the people know if there's an issue though, so there is that.. Not like I'm radio silent.. 


TCDB member SaveDaKid and I worked out another trade recently. We've traded a few times, so I imagine I'm doing something right. :) 

A bunch of 1992 Donruss.. As I was going through adding them to my set and verifying them on the TCDB, I realized I missed a couple I needed a second copy of.. However... I'm down to 10 Base cards needed to complete the set.. The Diamond Kings is another matter altogether. 

Denis Boucher, I forgot was with the Rockies. 
Some later 1990s Fleer Ultra as well. One card I forgot to scan was a 1991 Stadium Club Duane Ward.

I'll cover the other trade tomorrow. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Finishing the Repacks

It's been a few days since I've been able to write.. 
I honestly wasn't sure I was going to get anything written here today either..

I have five repacks left to show.. Rather than spreading it out, I'm thinking of doing a giant Repack Dump on everyone.. 

Those Upper Deck cards on the bottom here are interesting.. I hadn't seen them before. 

Jason Bay Attax!
I like the way those 1994 Select look. 

I'm almost positive that Olerud is a new card to me.. 

In the 6 repacks I picked up, I ended up with four of those Sid Akins cards.
The Dave Valle card is interesting in the way the logo is placed right under the logo on his uniform. 
M's Snowman!

I received a few of those Griffey Family cards as well. 
I'm pretty sure I didn't have that Rojas card before these repacks. 

I miss those Astros uniforms shown in the Craig Biggio card.

Interesting Name Alert: Laddie Renfroe. According to Wikipedia, he was hit in the head with a baseball. It ended up causing vision and speech issues and he retired because of it.. 

I think I got something like 3 of those Ike Davis Attax cards...

Another Topps Unique card.. 
Orlando Hudson!

Hey Look! Darryl Strawberry... That beauty has been spoken for already.. 
Some other nice cards here 

Another interesting one here with Grady Sizemore.

Yount makes an appearance on a Jeff Treadway card.. 
Griffey blowing a bubble.. Bronson Arroyo massive leg kick.. 

I honestly didn't know Dion James played for the Brewers. 
Yet another Magglio Ordonez Upper Deck card... 

The Alomar brothers in a nice card.. 
That Cecil Cooper Drake's has been claimed as well. Going to a good home 

It's odd and interesting to find current year cards in the repacks. Here we have a Stadium Club Harvey. And he's surrounded by 80s and 90s mass production. 

An interesting Matsuzaka card here. That card beside the Reuschel is a Russell Martin

Well.. I really have nothing much else to say about the rest of these. 
I'm 90% sure that most of these will be available for those who want them.. 

I also want to apologize for the lack of posts. Been very busy with work and general lack of inspiration. December will be a tough month as normal for me.. The last two weeks of the month are generally tough. 

Anyway.. Enjoy!